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Make snapshot. The dialog box of saving the outputted image file will be opened. Save the image file to your arbitrary directory. You can check the outputted image file by Preview in your PC. You can play the video by pressing [Play] button. You can save screenshots. Move the slider to the position as you like and press [Make] button. The accuracy depends on the circumstances of taking video and dragging operation in the App.

The price of app will be changed without any notifications. For more information, please visit the support page.

We assume no responsibility or liability for any actions taken as a result of using this Application, or for errors or omissions in content. What's New Play mode is added. Weight Lifting Motion X. DiverLog 1. Packed with new features and a great new look, Diverlog is your one-stop shop for managing your dives and configuring your dive computers. The dive detail section gives you all the information you need, including dive data, location and dive site information, tank and buddy information, gear bag, and more.

Add your diving buddies and keep your personal certification and medical information on hand at all times. View your dive profile in full screen view, in graphical and tabular data formats. Add and manage your gear with easy entry forms. DiverLog offers you simple search methods to find your dives.. See all your dives on the world map, a unique feature we call your dive activity map! You can even keep track of your personal information, including medical and certification info.

You can now sync your dives with the new DiveCloud online dive data backup system so you never lose your dives, and always have them available, wherever you are! For a latest list of compatible products, please visit our website www.

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Our dedication is to serve customers with satisfaction: You can try out DiverLog Lite Version for free before buying this Full Version. Your feedback and input is important to us. We are committed to continuous improvement and your input is part of the process. Everywriter - An intelligent novel,script and ebook creation tool 4.

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Designed for who writing long text that need to take a long time to think. Everywriter takes management of inspiration as the core, it can ensure that you can gather inspiration and quickly integrate into your book through coherent functions of PC, tablet, mobile phone at any time. Picktorial 2.

Picktorial is a powerful, smooth, and intuitive photo editor that provides exceptional tools for enhancing and retouching photos - built exclusively for Mac. Wish you could enhance your photos like a pro, make local adjustments to RAW photos, retouch portraits, add filters, watermarks and more, all in an easy-to-use and beautifully designed app?

Download Picktorial! Or, you can keep using Picktorial for individual photos or folders, bypassing the time-consuming import process of other apps. You can refine your edits at any time, without undoing later edits - whether you are using Picktorial as a Photos Extension or as a standalone app - and even after closing and reopening the app. Try Picktorial for free: www. This enables you continue an editing session even after closing and re-opening OS X Photos! Cookie 5 - More privacy, better browsing 5.

Cookie 5 has everything you loved about Cookie v4 plus some powerful new features. We've removed all the legacy code, so Cookie 5 now only supports OS X For OS X Cookie management is now configurable for individual cookies.

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Flash Cookie's can now be favorited individually. It is now possible to configure different removal options for each browser. Changed in Cookie 5 -New Preferences window. We've moved the preferences out of the main interface into their own window where they should be! With the addition of individual cookie favorites the blacklist didn't make sense any more so we got rid of it. Visit our Support link to make a request for Cookie 5 in your language. Cookie prevents third parties from hijacking your browsing experience. The sites you visit store "cookies" in your browser without your knowledge or consent.

Some are helpful, but others are frustrating and invasive. Cookie can help. Setup a timer, remove when you quit your browser, its entirely up to you when you remove your private browsing data.


Secure delete any unwanted data, and rest easy knowing that external threats can't recover your private data. Tired of targeted ads that mysteriously know what products you've been shopping for online? Eliminate them with Cookie. Cookie is adept at eliminating Flash and Silverlight cookies, especially large and persistent types of cookie.

By consolidating all your cookie controls into an easy interface, Cookie makes maintaining your browsing privacy a cinch. What's New We're doing our best to squash all bugs, please send any bug reports to our support link. Thanks for helping make Cookie5 great!

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Heres what we've changed in this version: performance improvements fixed a memory leak fixed an error with removal of favorites under certain conditions Cookie 5 - More privacy, better browsing. NCV 1.

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Het bevat de Nederlandse Concordante vertaling, wat een zeer letterlijke vertaling van de grondtekst is. Klik op een woord voor extra informatie over dit woord en om woordenboeken te raadplegen. Ook kun je het interlineair bekijken - de Griekse tekst met onder elk woord de letterlijke betekenis en andere informatie over dat woord. Daarnaast kun je de Hebreeuwse tekst, de Septuagint en vele andere teksten bestuderen.

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Alles om te kunnen onderzoeken 'wat er staat geschreven'. Ook kun je meerdere teksten parallel openen en met verschillende groepen ook verschillende tekstplaatsen naast elkaar openen. Ook zitten er krachtige zoekmogelijkheden op om teksten en het interlineair te doorzoeken op een enkel woord of meerdere woorden per vers. Gods zegen met het bestuderen van Zijn Woord! What's New In deze kleine update worden enkele problemen opgelost - Links naar bijbelstudies op de vernieuwde concordant. Instastack for Instagram 3.

Browse Photo Feeds Browse your Instagram feed, photos you've uploaded, photos you've liked, and popular photos on Instagram. You can also browse user profiles and browse their awesome photos. Interactive with freends Follow and explore users, like and more. What's New Various bug fixes and improvements Instastack for Instagram. BudgetTail 3.

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  5. Plan your best future. You can track your income and expenses from the last 30 days, current month or year, up to the last 12 months. Import bank statements from all popular formats. You can even edit any associated transaction for correcting the category, payee, etc. You can also add exceptions for future transactions, modify date, value, etc. Choose how many months ahead you want to see your budget forecast, and take a look on the financial health of each one of your bank, credit card, and saving accounts.

    NCVbasis 1. In tegenstelling tot de NCV app kun je in deze basis app niet de Hebreeuwse tekst en de Septuagint bestuderen.

    DiverLog Lite 1. In addition, with multiple advanced options like dive history search, DC Configuration with firmware update.