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There could be a simple reason why your MacBook Air or Pro won't charge. Start off with these simple checks to establish what the issue is:. Check to see if your Mac - specifically the battery - has been recalled. We have details of all Apple's product recalls here. In the summer of Apple recalled some MacBook Pros due to concerns about the battery overheating.

MacBook charger not working? Here’s what to do

Click the link for information about the 15in MacBook Pro battery recall for units sold between and There was also a recall of MacBook Pro non Touch Bar models relating to a component failure causing the built-in battery to expand, details here. Your Mac's charger might also be part of a recall. Apple has recalled some of its wall plugs over safety concerns, find out if yours is affected. If it's old enough to have a removable battery unlikely if was bought after you can actually remove the battery.

After doing do, disconnect the power adapter and hold down the power key for 10 seconds before replacing the battery and then plugging the power adapter back in. Restarting the Mac should fix the problem. But it's unlikely that your Mac has a removable battery, so how can you reset the battery? In this case you will need to reset the SMC, which stands for the System Management Controller, a chip on your Mac's logic board that controls the power.

Resetting the SMC can help with battery and power related problems. These are the steps you need to follow:.

Will Blockhead fit my charger?

If you'd like to find out more, read out full tutorial on resetting the SMC. Also see: How to fix a Mac. If the above advice doesn't help then you should take your MacBook to Apple or an Apple reseller for servicing and maybe even consider having the battery replaced. I agree with the previous post, yet there if it is out of applecare or out of the original one year warranty then you are SOL.

Considering they were both over a year old and roughly the same age I suppose it makes sense, just thought it was a bit strange both had gone bad about almost exactly the same time, no big deal. Just thought I'd respond in case anybody else had the same issue. Oct 8, 1 0. I'm currently having this same problem.

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Or just the power supply? Also, can you get it covered through apple care online, or do you have to go to a store? Sep 24, 4 0. Sometimes no charging lite Based on the notes in this forum sounds like a new charger should resolve my issue. My battery holds a nice charge even though its a couple years old. The charger is the original one that came with the MacBook in so I guess I got some good use out of it. Jul 24, Feb 15, I have a Macbook that I bought in summer The charger stopped working after just a year or so.

Which MacBook do I have?

It still works to power the computer, but it will not actually charge the battery. I am almost afraid of getting a new charger from Apple. My computer is covered under Apple Care for a while longer, but the reviews I've read of their chargers at Apple. It's almost as if they've gotten even worse in the last 1. I don't want to get a new charger and have it damage the computer.

In fact, my next laptop will probably not be a Mac due partially to this charger nonsense but also because I had a catastrophe happen in the spring of , around 1 month before I was supposed to graduate from college. The hard drive on this one crashed after just months of usage.

I found out after the crash from a classmate that Apple had admitted in the fall of that they had a bad batch of hard drives. Guess I was one of the lucky ones that ended up with one of the duds.

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I lost a bunch of stuff for a law class that I had to re-do pain in the ass. Mar 7, 2 0. Intermittent charging White Macbook I purchased an early 13 inch white macbook June First off the computer came with a black cloth that stained various parts of my computer within days of owning it. Within a few months I noticed that the computer was only charging intermittently.

At times the light would turn orange then green and no light at all within minutes. Other times there is no light at all. I also noticed that at times, my power adapter would get extremely hot and would create sparks regardless of which outlet I would use and that many times the prong piece would get detached from the adapter and would have to be removed seperately. Throughout the next few months the same problems with charging continued and my display bezel was completely loose around the bottom of my screen.

I took the macbook to an apple bar about a month ago which was seven months after I purchased it. I told the "genius" about the cloth staining my computer. He told me that they never have come with cloths. When I insist that it did, he tells me that cloths are for cleaning screens and that the have no place being left near the computer.

He then runs a battery and charger test telling me that they are both working well and that I am not unplugging the adapter properly. As in, I don't know how to unplug something from an outlet. And that all macbook display bezels are loose like mine. He then notices that the light in the magsafe went out while at the bar.

How to Fix Apple MagSafe Power Adapter Cable for $5

Proposed resolution was to replace the magsafe board and battery connector. If problem not fixed, replace the logic board. I leave my computer there for a week and when I picked it up it is confirmed that they had replaced the logic board, top case w keyboard, battery connector w sleep switch, board magsafe DC in, display bezel and hardware repair level 2. I take the computer home only to have the same intermittently charging problems in addition a loose snap in bezel that can easily be pulled off. I take the computer back a week later now with a different "genius". I explain how I was previously in and he sees that everything has been replaced pertaining to charging issues.

I ask him if maybe a new adapter would solve the problem. He does a battery and adapter test and says they both are working with no problems. He tries my original adapter, the house charger and a brand new one and notices that all three chargers are intermittently charging my computer.

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Once the green light remains on for quite some time, we decide that I will take it home again with a new charger. To my mistake, I take it home once again and have the same intermittent problems in addition to noticing a hairline crack in my bottom casing. Another week passes and I take the computer to the Apple store again.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with the first genius that I filed unsatisfactory complaints against.

What to Do If Your MacBook Charger Isn't Working | Digital Trends

He plugs my computer in only to see that the computer is not reproducing the charging problem at the bar. He doesn't even bring up my previous file and he goes into their back room and leaves me at the bar for about 10 minutes only for another genius to come out and take over. He continues to say that they have changed everything that they can think of and that there could be a small but doubtful chance that one of the replacement parts were faulty. Regarding the hairline crack he claimed that Apple does not take responsibility for cosmetic flaws such as and that the crack will not cause any future problems for me.

MagSafe Won’t Charge a MacBook? It’s Probably a Simple Fix

I tell him that it is unacceptable for me to be taking home a cracked computer when I never brought it in that condition. They call me the following day stating that they ran the test and that they found no problems with my computer. Even though they have replaced nothing since the intermittent charging at their genius bar until now.

He continues t say that they are waiting for the replacement casing to come and want to see if that could be contributing to the problem which is such a joke.